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File Preparation and Submission Guidelines

In order to make both your job and ours easier, we’ve prepared the following guidelines for submitting files to Wordsworth.

Text Files

File creation: Text files can be created in any common word processor program including Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Apple Works, Pages, or even Wordpad.

Text files should be created with an absolute minimum of formatting. Since most formatting codes are removed or replaced during typesetting, extra codes mean additional steps and thus extra time and money. Please do not include codes for font, tab set, line spacing, superscript or subscript, justification, margins, style, color, and so forth.

The only formatting to use are:
Italics (for titles of books, films, plays, etc.)
Tabs (to indent the first line of a new paragraph)
All caps (only for acronyms such as USA, not for emphasis)

Graphics Files

For printing purposes, all images—including photos, line art, drawings, and so on—need to be a minimum 300 dots per inch (dpi).

Note: Images in Microsoft Word (or any other word processor) document are not of sufficient quality for printing.

Graphics should be saved individually in one of the following formats:
TIFF (optimal)
JPEG (only unedited originals)
PSD (Photoshop)
AI (Adobe Illustrator)

About Our Fees

Our fees are usually based on an hourly rate. In the case of pre-press services, when we have the files and criteria in advance, we can provide a project price. In the case of manuscript critiques, estimates are based on length of manuscript.

How to Obtain a Price Quote?

If you would like a project estimate for prepress services, call or write us, providing as much detail as possible about the nature of the project: length of document, its computer format, number of images, whether they need to be scanned, and so on. For example: “a 200-page, 35,000 word manuscript in Word along with 15 color images to be scanned and converted to black and white, with one color image for the cover, to be prepared for a print-run of 250.” With that sort of information, we should be able to give you a general quote.

Contact information:

Phone: (415) 488-4605


Mail: Wordsworth, PO Box 99, San Geronimo, CA 94963


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