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Individual Consultation/Coaching for Writers and Professionals
and "Off the Wall" Freewriting Sessions

Writing is an inherently lonely process, yet its ultimate goal is to create connection and communicate to others. For this reason, workshops and consultation can be especially important in the course of a writing project or ongoing writing practice.

My individual services include writing/editing/coaching. Since each project is different, I work with clients in whatever way they find most helpful. I can provide critiques of written works or works in progress. I can provide developmental editing to help shape a manuscript, or assist with transitions and other editing to strengthen a work. Often clients set up meetings with me to give themselves a deadline and a chance to discuss their work.

As a consultant, I have more than 30 years experience working with authors, manuscripts, and projects of all descriptions. I am happy to talk with you about your project, to discover what's needed and what's next.

“Off the Wall” Freewriting Sessions

Love to write? Do you enjoy “writing down the bones,” letting whatever comes, come? Join us for 90 minutes of carefree, stress-free creativity led by poet and editor Barbara Swift Brauer. Come be inspired by and dialogue with the amazing art on exhibit in the Center’s Valley and West rooms. All ages, all levels welcome, from experienced writers to absolute beginners. Bring your favorite writing tools: paper, pen, pencil, laptop or ?
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