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Writing and Editing

Expert help in developing, structuring, and refining your writing project, whether a book-length manuscript, book proposal, author's query, or other writing. Our services include ghost writing/collaboration, developmental and substantive editing, as well as coaching, consultation, and critique.

Our work often begins with a detailed critique of your manuscript. This written document identifies strengths and areas for improvement, and becomes a road map for the work ahead.

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Prepress Production (Desktop Publishing or Typesetting)

Personalized services for small presses, self-publishing authors, and nonprofits on publications of all descriptions.

We are always available to answer your questions and walk you through the project.

Services include:

  • Text and Cover Design. We can create original designs, match samples you provide, or work with your graphics team to realize your ideal design concept.

  • Text and Cover Layout, including photos and graphics. Poetry is a specialty. We can incorporate your photos or line art into an eye-catching cover as well as create the price bar code required by and other retailers.

  • Scanning of Photos and Line Art, all formats up to 12 x 17 inches, including color slides, film strips, and 4 x 5 and medium format transparencies.

  • Editing/Touch-up of Photos and Line Art, including sizing and cropping, to prepare it for optimal reproduction by the printer. We can retouch photos, adjusting color, grayscale, highlights, and shadows as well as removing specks, lines, splotches, and even restore damaged old photos.

  • Printer Liaison. We can help you evaluate printing options such as paper, binding, size, and format; obtain price quotes from printers; and prepare files according to printer specifications to assure your final book will be as you want it.

    For File Preparation and Submission Guidelines, please go here.

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