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Located in Marin County, California, Wordsworth offers the combined talents of two media and publishing professionals, Barbara Swift Brauer and Laurence Brauer. Since 1984, our writing, editing, and desktop publishing services have served the needs of clients around the corner and around the world.


Barbara Swift Brauer, MA, began a career in Bay Area publishing in 1975, working with authors, agents, and publishers in a wide range of genres. Herself a poet, her extensive experience as a writer, collaborator, and developmental editor has given her a unique insight into the inner workings of the creative process. She is the author of At Ease in the Borrowed World (Sixteen Rivers Press, 2013). With portrait artist Jackie Kirk, she is coauthor of the nonfiction book Witness: The Artist’s Vision in The Face of AIDS (Pomegranate Artbooks, 1996).

For information on her classes, consultation, and poetry, please check her web page, Get It Written Workshops and poetry.


Laurence Brauer specializes in computer-based prepress production. He has typeset and/or designed books, newsletters, and other publications for small publishers, self publishers, and nonprofits for over 25 years. Previously, he worked in San Francisco Bay Area radio as a disc jockey and producer. Along with his prepress production work, he was a freelance print journalist/critic with hundreds of essays, reviews, and features published in national and Bay Area publications including Rolling Stone, Billboard, Crawdaddy!, Request, FI, BAM, and the Pacific Sun. His photographs have been exhibited at the Maurice Del Mue Galleries, the Anthony Miceli Gallery at the Two Bird Cafe, and the Marin County Library. He is the author of A Summer in the High Sierra.



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