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Houston, We Have a Possum


by Molly Fisk


Poets notice what other people miss. Nationally-known poet Molly Fisk’s singular perspective on love, death, grammar, lingerie, small towns, marsupials, and the rest of the natural world will get you laughing, crying, and thinking.

Softcover, 172 pages, $12.95
Story Street Press
ISBN 978-09894958-3-7





Anne and the Twentieth Century

by Anne R. Dick


Anne Dick’s autobiography is a peek into a long-gone St. Louis—and a funny, elegant chronicle of her own extraordinary life. . . . Though it’s true that everyone has a story to tell, Anne’s is funnier, stranger, sadder, and more astonishing than the average.

Just as Anne’s book on her late second husband [Philip K Dick] was invaluable to people fascinated with his novels, her autobiography provides an invaluable window into what life was like during 1930’s and ’40’s St. Louis. It’s also a gorgeous literary memoir filled with very human characters. . . .The cities Anne inhabits also emerge as characters—as does the 20th century itself.

— Stefene Russell
St. Louis Magazine, Oct 17, 2014


Softcover ISBN 978-0-9841205-8-1
354 pages, illustrated, 6" x 9"





In Place of Me


by Doreen Stock


With an introduction by poet/activist Jack Hirschman, In Place of Me is a collection of the most thought-provoking and relevant poems from her work to date. Appearing with works selected by Hirschman from chapbooks spanning ten years’of writing, In Place of Me underscores the power and depth of Stock’s work. As a collection, the poems deliver an extraordinary lens to review the high-speed events that ushered in the twenty-first century, and her reckoning of unsettling times gives us the weight to pause and consider how we live now.

Softcover, 204 pages, $18.00

Mine Gallery Editions
ISBN 978-0-9909203-1-1

Hardcover, 204 pages, $40.00
ISBN 978-0990920304

Also available in EPUB and Kindle formats.





Marin Poetry Center Anthology:
Volume XIX 2016










By Penelope Etnier Dinsmore


“Penelope Etnier Dinsmore has been laboring in the vineyards of becoming herself—what we Jungians call individuation—for more than fifty years. This wonderful book is one of the many fruits of that labor, which also include many glorious paintings. I have always admired her multi-talented creations as I have admired her for being such a beautiful woman who has struggled mightily to find her own, very unique way. The Treasure That Came into the World to Find Its Self is a testament to the strength and grace of the human spirit.” —Thomas Singer, MD, Jungian analyst

“A secret is hidden in these pages. In order to find it, you will need to enter into its pages, enter into the shapes and colors and words and let them become the world you inhabit … So curl up in your favorite chair and take your time, because this is an adventure that is too wonderful to rush!” —Dyane Sherwood, PhD, from the Foreword

“Through vivid images, this gentle and powerful book tells the story of a woman’s journey in becoming her true self, the treasure we all seek.” —Tina Stromsted, PhD, from the Afterword






Silent Voices


By Charlotte Schmid


Reading these poems—these utterances that come forth like butterflies from the soul-cocoon of Charlotte—you are in the presence of the good grandmother who understands you, but also the young girl who will be companion in your own struggles to be recognized. These moments of intricate design will assure you by one intimate encounter after another: in your search for tender meaning behind the frenzied curtain of modern life, you are not alone.


—Kim Stafford, author of The Muses Among Us




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