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Writer, Editor, Consultant, Writing Instructor

Writing & Editing Services

I offer support in developing, structuring and refining writing projects, whether a book-length
manuscript, book proposal, author's query or other work. My services include project
management, collaboration (ghostwriting), and developmental and substantive editing, in
addition to writing workshops, consultation, and critique.

Since every writer's project is unique, I work with clients in whatever way they find most
helpful. I can provide critiques of written work or works in progress to identify strengths and
areas for improvement; developmental editing to help shape a manuscript; or assist with
transitions and other elements to strengthen a work. Often clients set up meetings to give
themselves a deadline to work toward and a chance to discuss their work.

Summer Writing Workshops

During July 2016, I will be offering three writing workshops: Poets' Circle: Craft & Critique, a
supportive setting to share your original poetry (limited to five participants); Capturing the
Spark: Freewriting and Development
, where participants will generate material from in-class
freewrites to refine and develop (limited to five participants); and Overcoming the Loneliness
of the Long-Distance Writer
, a support and discussion group for writers tackling long-term
writing projects (limited to five participants).

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For samples of my work, please go here.


I am a member of Sixteen Rivers Press, a shared-work poetry collective. I hold a Master's Degree
from the University of Iowa and Bachelor's Degree from Grinnell College. For more
information, please see my resume.




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