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Founded in 1984, Wordsworth provides quality, expert writing/editing, prepress production, and project management for authors, agents, and small presses, as well as nonprofit organizations, professionals, and businesses. Our clients are local, regional, and national.

Whatever your project, we can assist in one or more phases, from concept and design, to file preparation for printing — and virtually every phase in between. Our experience and outstanding cost-efficiency combine to make our rates very competitive.

Book Production

  • Writing/Editing: Collaboration/ghostwriting, developmental and substantive editing, and critique of book manuscripts, proposals, author's queries/synopses.

  • Prepress Production: Design, typeset, layout, image scanning/manipulation, file preparation, and printer liaison.
  • Selected Titles

Barbara Swift Brauer
  • Writing/Editing: Support in developing, structuring and refining writing projects, whether a book-length manuscript, book proposal, author's query or other work. Services include project management, collaboration (ghostwriting), and developmental and substantive editing.

  • Writing Classes: Get It Written Workshops in poetry, freewriting and development, and support for long-term projects.
  • Poetry: Read samples of Barbara's poetry.

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    To learn more or obtain a quote for a project, please contact us:


    Phone: (415) 488-4605

    Mail: Wordsworth, PO Box 99, San Geronimo, CA 94963


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